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Preventing & screening for hepatitis D

?What information has to be gathered at the time of diagnosis?

A diagnosis allows the physician to determine the patient's condition. It is essential for decision-making (simple monitoring, treatment proposals, etc.) and is based on research identifying the cause and symptoms of the condition. During this time the patient describes his/her symptoms that helps the doctor to collect general information about the patient (treatment, history, allergies, etc.) This procedure is mainly based on 3 key phases of the medical consultation: the anamnesis, the physical examination and complementary tests.

Hepatitis D is a complex and transmissible disease, the diagnosis of which requires systematic screening of HBV patients (1).

Below mentioned information is required when dealing with a patient who is a chronic HBsAg carrier (1,2).

Is there a viral multiplication?

  • HBV DNA testing
  • HDV RNA testing
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Is the aggravation of symptoms due to the presence of a co-infection?

  • HIV and HCV serology

Is there a family history of severe liver disease?

What is the mode of transmission?

  • Background analysis
  • Risky practices and frequency
  • Information on the country of birth (help for assessing the length of the infection)
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Taking care of the entourage at risk (people living under the same roof, sexual partner, risky practices)

  • Screening
  • Vaccination

These practice recommendations are valid during an initial or follow-up visit. They are generally made monthly or quarterly during the first year of treatment and then every 6 months thereafter (3,4). Their frequency varies according to the patient's condition and medical results.


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