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Living with hepatitis D

The patient’s journey

patient's journey first steps


If you are at risk of being infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis D virus (HDV), consult your doctor.1


To find out if you are infected with HBV or HDV, your blood must be tested in a laboratory.1


The doctor who ordered the test will evaluate the results. If an HBV infection is confirmed, you will be inform you about the next medical steps and the necessary preventive measures.1

Referral to a liver specialist

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These are medical specialists who will examine you in hospital or in a doctor's surgery.2


Patients with HBV infection should generally have an HDV test.3 Other liver-specific tests may be done at the hospital as well.

TEST RESULTSBased on the results of the additional tests, your hepatologist, supported by a multidisciplinary medical team, may recommend appropriate HBV/HDV treatment.4

Prescription of appropriate treatment(s)

patient journey third steps


Depending on the type of treatment prescribed, you will receive these directly at the hospital or you can obtain the medication from a pharmacy.


If you have any questions, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.


Your hepatologist will monitor your treatment to check its effectiveness, as well as monitor the course of the disease to detect any signs of worsening or complications.4


Be assured that you are not alone on this journey or in managing this disease. It is very important to have someone you can talk to. This can be a friend or family member.5 You can also contact patient organisations.6


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